Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lip Care Collection

Estee Lauder launched their Pure Color Envy Lip Care Collection back in February this year. Now I’m somewhat of a collector of tinted lip balms, so it’s not as if I was never going to purchase these. But I have to admit that the shiny millennium pink packaging made me add to cart that little bit quicker…

This collection is part of their permanent line. It is available on the Estee Lauder website, and as far as I’m aware is being sold at all other Estee Lauder stockists.

The collection consists of the following four products:

  • Colour Replenish Lip Balm (£25)
  • Smoothing Sugar Scrub (£25)
  • Lip Repair Potion (£25)
  • Lip Volumizer (£25)

I’m not really one for lip scrubs, and if I ever need to exfoliate my lips then I generally just use my face cloth. I decided to skip the sugar scrub but I did pick up the rest of the collection – so lets dive right in!

Lip Repair Potion

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lip Repair Potion

The Lip Repair Potion supposedly does three things to your lips: revives, renews, softens. It can be used any time, but is recommended for use on bare lips, ideally as an overnight treatment, which is exactly what I use it for. It has a comfortable thick-but-not-sticky texture, a milky colour, and smells like not-very-sweet homemade cookies, whatever that means.

Now I’m no stranger to an overnight lip treatment, I’ve been slathering lip balm on before bed for as long as I can remember. I prefer really thick, sticky formulas that last through the night – the Shea Butter Lip Treatment from The Face Shop is my current fave. This estee lauder product isn’t quite as thick and not particularly sticky, which I imagine a lot of people will prefer. It has reasonable staying power and my lips always feel moisturised and plump in the morning. Still, it’s not my favourite and it is fairly pricy for what it is.

Do I like it? Do I think it works? Yes.

Will I repurchase it? It’s nothing groundbreaking, so probably not.

Color Replenish Lip Balm

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Color Replenish Lip Balm

The Color Replenish Lip Balm, as the name suggests, is supposed to moisturise your lips whilst tinting them with a lovely pink colour that adapts to your own lip colour. This is essentially yet another Dior Lip Glow type product. The smell isn’t too dissimilar, just a bit more minty. In comparison, the Estee Lauder lip balm creates a much less pigmented tint and is a lot lighter in texture. Personally I like the heavy feel of the Dior Lip Glow and love the colour shade 001 brings to my lips, so Estee Lauder doesn’t quite rival my all-time favourite. That said, the packaging kicks ass. (that magnetic closure though…)

Here’s how the Color Replenish Lip Balm looks on me:

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Color Replenish Lip Balm Lip Swatch

If you find the Dior Lip Glow to be too heavy then perhaps give this one a try! I’m thrilled to have this in my tinted balms collection and I love the colour it translates to, but again, it’s not my favourite.

Lip Volumizer

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lip Volumizer

I’m saving the best until last!

The Lip Volumizer is supposed to sculpt, plump and moisturise your lips. This is not a tingly lip plumper. I feel like the plumping effect is minimal, which is why ratings on the Estee Lauder website seem sub-par. It does make my lips look plump, but I cannot tell whether it’s a plumping effect or just the overall appearance of the pink glossy texture on my lips.

The texture is similar to that of a lip gloss – a bit sticky and verrrrry shiny. The actual product comes out clear before turning into this bright pink colour that tints your lips even after the gloss has rubbed off. This is why the applicator and tube has a vibrant pink colour in the picture above. It’s not as scary as the colour may look, but it does offer more pigment than the lip balm. It has a minty smell, so beware if you are sensitive to that! I don’t find this to be irritating at all though.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lip Volumizer Lip Swatch

It’s quite difficult to see from the swatch above, but in person it is much more pink and glossy that the lip balm.

I don’t think this product necessarily appeals to everyone, but it’s definitely my top pick from the collection, and I would happily repurchase should mine run out.

Comparison Swatch

I’ve swatched all three lip products below for reference. Going from L-R we have: Colour Replenish Lip Balm, Lip Volumizer, Lip Repair Potion.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lip Care Collection Swatches: Color Replenish Lip Balm, Lip Volumizer, Lip Repair Potion
L-R: Color Replenish Lip Balm, Lip Volumizer, Lip Repair Potion.

Final Thoughts

Overall, no regrets in shelling out for this lip collection. I’d only consider repurchasing the Lip Volumizer, but I do enjoy using all of these products. I think that there is something for everyone in case you too can’t resist the pretty packaging.

I hope this information was helpful! Let me know of any tinted lip balm or sheer lipstick recommendations you have in the comments below. I’m hoping to share more of my extensive lip collection with you in the near future.


This is not a sponsored post. All products mentioned in this post have been purchased by me.

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